Extraordinary Extraction: Falmec’s Light Kitchen Hood

Extraordinary Extraction: Falmec’s Light Kitchen Hood

It’s been quite a year for Falmec’s surprisingly slim Light kitchen hood. After winning Archiproduct’s Design Award in the kitchen category, the auspicious appliance just took home the 2022 German Design Award for Excellent Kitchen Product Design.

Light kitchen hood front view with white wall

One look at Light demonstrates its aesthetic innovation: the profile is pencil-thin for a hood; it’s flanked by twin panels in sumptuous black satin glass; and the smoked-glass central element nicely complements the side panels, as well as being quite a show-stopper in its own right.

Light kitchen hood angled view in fancy kitchen with outdoor view of neighboring building

Light’s look is certainly part of the reason for the accumulation of awards, but it’s certainly not the whole story. This is because Light’s look follows the old saw about form following function: the compact silhouette is achieved via the technological coup of what’s inside.

Falmec kitchen hood side view in fancy kitchen with city view out window

As the manufacturer puts it, “Falmec’s new Multi-Air technology allows the suction power to be distributed in several small motors, rather than concentrated in just one as is usual, thus guaranteeing the same suction efficiency but within an extremely reduced volume.”

Falmec kitchen hood smaller model with white wall behind

Light’s motor are also brushless, meaning your fancy new kitchen hood won’t sound like a jet liner. Other features include a combined Carbon.Zeo filter, electronic control with remote, and a seamlessly integrated dual LED strip light.

Falmec kitchen hood front view in fancy dark kitchen with urban vibe

Go to Falmec to find out more.

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