Round Island Chimney Hood by LuxAir

If you have ever been without an adequate hood, then you know how valuable this simple piece of kitchen equipment can be. Chances are, if you’ve got a small kitchen or an older home, you may have a) no venting hood whatsoever, b) a venting hood so cumbersome and unattractive that it resembles a woolly mammoth, c) a venting hood that makes so much noise you think you live next to an airport, or d) a venting hood that does not work at all. Having suffered from problem a), I appreciate a good hood—most especially if it’s good looking.

Round Island Chimney Hood. Designed by LuxAir.

Italian company LuxAir has been manufacturing high quality hoods for over 27 years, long enough to have mastered the art of noise, as well as the art of extraction and attraction. Keeping in mind the ever-increasing popularity of the kitchen island, LuxAir offers a new Round Island Chimney Hood. A combination of black or stainless steel with 8 mm-thick tempered glass, this new round hood marries high style with functionality: “the best choice in island cooker hoods to date.” Easy to install, LuxAir’s Round Island Chimney Hood features shatterproof glass, a sleek remote control, and halogen lights.


The necessary ducts measure 125 mm on any model—not too obtrusive. Smaller glass island hoods have two halogen lights, while the larger models accommodate four halogen lights. Twin lightweight motors deliver quiet extraction in your choice of three variable speeds. With LuxAir’s Round Island Chimney Hood, you can feel free to fearlessly fry anything.

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