At ICFF: Gap Chair by Artifort

Mention office furniture and instinctively the mind conjures up images of restrictive dreary cubicles that act as partitioned containers and choke you with their uniformity. Unfortunately for majority of us, office furniture is just a means to an end and seldom do we consider it as a medium that can actually encourage those creative juices to flow.

Gap Chair. Designed by Khodi Feiz. Manufactured by Artifort.

I have only one word for those who aspire to break free from this oppressive environment and strive for a breathable work space – ARTIFORT. The European company exhibited a number of their products at ICFF 2008 so hopefully you were able to pay them a visit. The term “Artifort" connotes the design nature of the company impeccably. Artifort is derived from the Latin word 'ars' meaning art or knowledge, and 'fortis' meaning strong or powerful. Combine the two and you get a brand that churns out products that are both strong and sculptural elements without compromising on either comfort or functionality.

At ICFF: Gap Chair by Artifort

While Artifort deals with both home and office furniture, I personally envision their products, like the Gap Chair, in a work environment. The Gap Chair was displayed at ICFF and for me its appeal lies in its ability to lend a somber yet sophisticated ambiance to any office space.

Designed by Khodi Feiz for everyday usage, the chair does springboard towards an unpredictable and stimulating design twist by seeking to fill the gap between the back and seat. It features a shell that is fully upholstered and curved, and the chair is available with four-legs and a sled base or with a five-leg base.

With their creations, it's apparent that Artifort is widening the ambit and even blurring the lines between office and home furniture. The Gap chair characterized by its curvaceous lines, dynamic design and ergonomic form factor can easily get enmeshed into our daily routine, be it at home or the office.

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