Beautiful Sound Absorption by TURF

Beautiful Sound Absorption by TURF

TURF's Arbor Canopy Baffle system is an excellent synthesis of function and visual appeal.

TURF Arbor Canopy Baffle System on drop ceiling

Just like a continuous canopy of trees, TURF's Baffle Sound Absorption offers endless aesthetic iterations. The baffles are 120-foot long modules (grouped in fours or individual) that can be arranged in continuous runs or staggered formations.

TURF Arbor Canopy Baffle System detail on ceiling that slopes up wood finish

The baffles easily attach to standard 15/16" T-Grids, making for low-cost sound absorption without constraints on design. The system is designed to work with and complement existing infrastructure, incorporating lighting and other ceiling fixtures. TURF offers two profiles and a great variety of finishes: 30 vibrant colors and eight wood-inspired textures that are digitally printed onto the felt boards.

TURF Arbor Canopy Baffle System long view of sloping ceiling with wood finish in open space with modular furniture

Find out more at TURF.

Posted October 25, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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