At NeoCon 2021: Three Cool Award-Winners

At NeoCon 2021: Three Cool Award-Winners

One thing we love about NeoCon is the chance for some smaller-scale players to shine.

Noho Move Chair White with woman at table
Noho Move Chair

These three award-winng products, the Noho Move Chair, Tinnef Table, and MindSpa, each demonstrate aesthetic and functional innovation.

Tinnef Table multi color with bottles
Tinnef Table by Scandinavian Spaces

Gold winner in Sustainability, Furniture, The Tinnef Table is made from 100% recycled plastic. And it doesn’t hide its origins but rather displays them exuberantly in a veritable explosion of color. Definitely, “A table that’s ready to show itself… Keen to tell its story with an eye to the future.”

Tinnef Table overhead view

The company SILEN OU is a recent force in the privacy booth market. The Silen Space booth offers industry-leading sound reduction in a variety of sizes with customized finishes and wheel-away mobility.

Silent Space privacy booth

And MindSpa (Innovation Award Winner for Acoustics and Privacy) is a premium relaxation booth. Forward-thinking employers will have it on-site for employees to get a “mindfulness recharge” in a mere 25 minutes. It uses the Synctuition mindfulness and wellbeign App to provide a soothing synchrony of three-dimensional nature sounds, binaural beats, and relaxation techniques. Developed in consultation with meditation experts and neurologists.

Mind Spa relaxation booth

And Like Tinnef, Noho Move took home honors for Sustainability. With a “dynamic, earth-friendly design,” Noho Move offers intutive comfort in a simple, lightweight, and streamlined look.

Noho Move in kitchen

But of course it’s not only lovely to look at. Noho Move is made of ECONYL x Aquafil regenerated nylon, a product sourced from reclaimed fishing nets and end-of-use carpets, offering “an evolutionary design that ensures correct posture and dynamic ergonomic comfort, supporting all of your activities around the hub of home.”

Noho Move white

See Noho at the ECONYL x Aquafil showroom 107, 11th floor; Tinnef at Scandinavian Spaces, Floor 11, 1191; and MindSpa on the 7th. floor, aisle 7000.

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