Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

You’ll feel borne away by the slightest gust of wind with F. Schumacher’s Flight of Fancy Collection, a new range of fabrics and wallpapers that embraces the very bearable lightness of being.

Schumacher Flight of Fancy wallpaper with birds, butterflies, and tree branches with pendant light near window

It’s a vast collection, with more than 50 unique designs. Yet each and every one of them offers a child’s-eye view of the world, with vivid dynamic coloration and a feeling of playfulness and ease.

Schumacher Flight of Fancy wallpaper Hot Air Balloons in bathroom with small mirror and sink near window

The themes vary across the spectrum from natural flora and fauna (“Birds and Butterflies”) to the ingenious joy of human contraptions (“Balloons”) to the painterly homage of “Ode to Matisse.”

Schumacher Flight of Fancy wallpaper Matisse with colorful plants in a cartoony style

Animal themes abound as well. Who could resist the ofactory steadfastness on display in “Pointers” or the parade of spotted animals in “Jungle Jubilee”?

Schumacher Flight of Fancy wallpaper pointer dogs sniffing and flying ducks in grass field
Schumacher Flight of Fancy wallpaper Jungle Jubilee giraffes, elepants, and birds with blue spots on white background

The Flights of Fancy collection is, of course, ideal for children’s rooms, but many a young-hearted adult will find something to love here as well.

Schumacher Flight of Fancy wallpaper Rolling Hills cartoon style sand hills with creatures and plants hidden within

Find out more at Schumacher. And go to Designer Pages Media to check out other whimsical wallpaper designs.

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