New Wallpaper from Brian Eno and Graham & Brown

British wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown and music visionary Brian Eno have teamed up for a pair of compelling new wallpaper designs. A “clever and artful layering” of Eno’s original designs with archival Graham & Brown patterns, “Flower Mask Blue” and “Flower Mask Jade” are quintessential Eno. Both patterns perform the dual function of providing a kind of ambient background palette, while also offering an intricate and intriguing interplay of floral forms. Those familiar with Eno’s series of “Ambient” music albums will doubtless appreciate this double work: while backing away from the image, the seemingly chaotic pattern coalesces into a perfectly cohesive and innovative design. Says Eno, “I love wallpaper and always have. I think of it as Ambient Painting—an area of visual design, which is sort of discreet and yet very much changes the atmosphere in a room.” For more information see Graham & Brown.
Posted July 10, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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