At supersalone: Dehomecratic

At supersalone: Dehomecratic

Dehomecratic is leveling the playing field.

Duspaghi chair thin structure with silver frame and thin white cushion
Duspaghi chair inspired by Giandomenico Belotti

A new brand that aspires towards a synchrony of present and past, artisan and industrial, function and aesthetics, Dehomecratic wants to make the world of high design, more, well, democratic.

Laugh chair red folding chair style with thin wooden seat and back and metal frame
Laugh chair

Indoor and out is another dichotomy that speaks to the idea, as Dehomecratic’s recent exhibit at supersalone demonstrated how very possible it is to have your cake and eat it on the veranda too.

Talk Sofa green and dark green shaped like a bathtub with sculpted upholstered seat and pillows
Talk sofa, tribute to Pierre Chareau

This, the brand’s initial collection, is a tribute to iconic designers of year’s past, most of whom predate the mid-century era. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that they presided over its inception.

Mindly chair red upholstered multi-purpose chair with metal frame
Mindly chair, modeled on the work of Theo van Doesburg

Each of these furnishings owes an aesthetic and philosophical debt to Giandomenico Belotti, “a die-hard rationalist, capable of creating complex and widely different projects, for various contexts and various kinds of clients, inspired by Italy’s artisan culture.”

Shut Up chair with blue exterior and yellow seating portion. Chair version of the Talk sofa
Shut Up chair, modeled after the Corbeille sofa

These furnishings reference Belotti via their immediacy: their simplicity and functional nature as well as their amenability to modern manufacture. One Dehomecratic ideal is to bring elevated design off of its pedestal, to increase accessibility, to utilize industrial techniques in the production of artisanal furniture: “bringing together quality and affordability, outside of the mould of an elitist concept.”

VOTE armchair in brown resembles an upside down triangle covered in fabric with metal post bent at right angle for armrest and legs
VOTE armchair, tribute to Man Ray

Dehomecratic concluded its display in Milan’s Green Hub exhibition space on September 10. Visit them at their permanent home: Passaggio Canonici Lateranensi, 1, 24121 Bergamo.

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