At NeoCon 2021: Palette by Innovant

At NeoCon 2021: Palette by Innovant

In these days of workplace flux we could all use some sense of foundation.

Innovant Palette light wood with open worktop, tv monitor, and nearby table with black chairs

Palette by Innovant fills this niche: it’s tooled to be the core of the new workplace experience.

Innovant Palette charcoal with long and short worktables in white and white chairs around gray table

Created in response to a study identifying the principal demands of the post-COVID workplace, Palette embraces these changing demands, recognizing that offices will need to support a mix of in-person and remote collaboration.

Innovant Palette  light wood with dry erase boards and tv monitor and attached table with white chairs

Palette does this by making the private office more versatile, enabling conversion into a meeting room that expresses greater inclusivity while also providing easy access to data and power.

Innovant Palette in medium-tone wood with attached desks and two black chairs and one gray chair

Just so, the heart of Palette is a wall-mounted lattice structure—a central hub that houses power and data, while also serving as a modular lynchpin for tables, desks, shelving, and storage.

Innovant Palette medium-tone wood detail of storage feature
Innovant Palette  drawer detail white top with medium-toned wood front

The set-up offers a space-saving and streamlined look. Elements may be added tool-free and worktops are height-adjustable and self-leveling.

Innovant Palette  in white and cream with different height tables and privacy screen with two black chairs

And Palette offers an elegant, no-frills look with a variety of finish options.

Innovant Palette detail of adjustable worktop in light wood

See Innovant to find out more. And be sure to visit them at Showroom #391 on Tuesday 10/5 from 8:30-10:30 for an in-person introduction to Palette.

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