Work Tents

Work Tents

Amid all the talk about opportunities to work outdoors, leave it to Steelcase to bring the outdoors in.

Steelcase Work Tent white and peach in room with chair, small table, and painting

Work Tents is an innovative collection inspired by the comfortable surroundings and organic shapes of outdoor tents.

Steelcase Work Tent traditional tent outdoors

In search of a different kind of privacy solution—one that eschews the straight lines and hard surfaces of most workspace approaches—the research team collaborated with industrial designer Chris Pottenger, whose pedigree of designing for REI, The North Face, and Big Agnes recommended him for the job.

Steelcase Work Tent Table Tent in white with brown piping on desk in office

Though these aren’t tents as camping aficionados have come to know them, they do recall the comfort of that utilitarian shelter: “evoking the shapes, materials, functionality and feelings of safety inside a tent.”

Steelcase Work Tent Boundary Tent two sizes white and blue with chairs, table, and carpet

The structures themselves are light, streamlined, and adaptable, built on the same principles of targeted tension, which cuts down on the use of materials while also making them inherently adaptable.

Steelcase Work Tent Pod Tent in tan with brown lounge chair and ottoman inside on circular carpet

The collection includes the Pod Tent, the Boundary Tent, and the Table Tent: “simple screens and small enclosures that challenge the norm, giving people unexpected and playful—yet hard-working—alternatives to help protect them from office distractions.”

Steelcase Work Tent Pod, Boundary, and Table in various colors

Find out more at Steelcase.

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