Contract Trend: Work-Lounge Seating

Contract Trend: Work-Lounge Seating

Collaboration and comfort are two growing themes in workplace design. Interiors that encourage a collaborative atmosphere while maintaining a casual, laid-back atmosphere are becoming standard as the way we work continues to change. Here are a few work-lounge seats that provide just enough comfort to keep a workplace casual yet efficient.

Steelcase, Leap WorkLounge, contract, work-lounge seating, offices, office space, trend

Designed in collaboration with IDEO, Steelcase’s Leap WorkLounge combines elegant, rich materials with Leap technology to create a chair that lets your posture change naturally with support through it all. Leap Natural Glide System lets you to recline without leaving the vision and reach working zone, so you stay oriented and place less static load on your spine. Its matching cushioned ottoman also doubles as a work table.

Herman Miller, work-lounge seating, Eames Lounge and Ottoman

Herman Miller’s Eames Lounge and Ottoman have become modern classics, gracing museums such as the MOMA and Art Institute of Chicago and now coming in multiple high-quality leather and wood veneer options. Both the lounge and ottoman feature 24 percent recycled materials in their constructions, 65 percent of which recyclable as well.

Leland International, Palomino Lounge, contract, work-lounge seating, offices, office space, trend

The Palomino Lounge for Leland International is a versatile office piece that packs as much comfort as it does customization. Its classic design comes with an air of lightness as the seating surface is positioned on an angled base to immediately make intimate spaces in an open-plan area. Configure its pieces for a group meeting or lounge while doing personal work.

Coalesse, Hosu chair, contract, work-lounge seating, offices, office space, trend

Coalesse’s Hosu chair by Patricia Urquiola debuted at NeoCon 2012, but remains a staple of work-lounge interiors. It’s low to the ground and features many storage pockets and a cable pass-through to keep you connected throughout all your work. Work on your own projects in the single seat or collaborate with the double-seat design, both of which feature textured fabric that comes in six colors.

Wiesner Hager, Compod collection, contract, work-lounge seating, offices, office space, trend

The Compod collection from Wiesner Hager makes it easy for you to work in any way you choose, from sitting to standing to lounging, and more. The structured seats have organic shapes that cater to adaptive work environments, with the Create perfect for individual work, the Play ideal for lounging and casual work, and the Meet series for collaborative spaces.

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