Andreu World's Marina chair is like a cool summer breeze.

Designed as an indoor-outdoor solution for those wise to the benefits of working beneath the sun, Marina is cushiony yet ergonomic.

The braided backrest provides support, and a distinctive summery vibe, while the upholstered seat offers comfort but not too much—just the right combination for achieving focus while working outdoors.

And it's tooled for versatility: seven band colors and five frame colors in any combination, weather-resistant and low-maintenance materials, and a 100% recyclable aluminum frame.

All told, it's an appealing alternative for typical café-style chairs: "an excellent option for all types of projects, both domestic and commercial."

Find out more at Andreu World. And go to Designer Pages Media for more indoor-outdoor seating.

Posted August 2, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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