Florette Indoor-Outdoor from Community Furniture

Florette from Community Furniture is chic, stackable indoor-outdoor seating that’s great for hospitality venues.

Constructed of durable fiberglass-filled polypropylene, Florette will weather the veritable storm—whether that means literal wind and rain or the figurative storm of guest users who will spend ample hours snug within its cozy confines.

Further features include a weather-resistant non-fading finish, choice of arm or arm-less models, and a perforated seat and back—so that it breathes on warm days to keep users cool.

Community Furniture offers a five-year warranty on this attractive and resilient chair. It stacks four from the floor and is sold standard in the very same number of the same color.

See Community Furniture for further info. and gallery pics of Florette in use.

Posted March 26, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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