Get back to comfort with Hightower's Gimbal Highback Rocker.

Hightower Gimbal Highback Rocker gray

A lovely compromise between lounge and task chair, Gimbal offers a contoured base that encourages just the slightest bit of movement.

Hightower Gimbal Highback Rocker gray aqua

Though it may seem paradoxical, this subtle rocking allows users to expel enough energy to remain comfortable—staying seated for longer duration without getting fidgety.

Hightower Gimbal Highback Rocker gray with ottoman peach background

In other words, "the subtle movement boosts focus, memory and attention, while the highback offers privacy for the perfect heads-down work session."

Hightower Gimbal Highback Rocker detail mint

For those who wish an extended stay, there's an attachable headrest and accompanying ottoman.

Hightower Gimbal Highback Rocker aqua two chairs with ottoman and low tables on gray rug with mint wall background

Find out more at Hightower. And go to Designer Pages Media for other examples of innovative seating.

Posted August 11, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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