The Ramen Wall Sconce Ups the Aesthetic Ante on LEDs

The Ramen Wall Sconce Ups the Aesthetic Ante on LEDs

Available July 1st. from Koncept, the Ramen Wall Sconce is a slick and slim interpretation of the simple LED.

Ramen Wall Sconce wood laminate two sconces in hallway

Ramen has a modular, user-friendly aspect that emerges from its distinctive aesthetic. The sconce features a simple bowl-shaped design that accommodates interchangeable magnetic faceplate diffusers—“available in a variety of finishes, including wood veneers, 100% wool felt and metal.”

Ramen Wall Sconce Felt front view

There’s also a plain white pre-primed option for custom paint jobs, stencils, and other innovative designs.

Ramen Wall Sconce white faceplate being painted blue

Ramen’s streamlined profile makes it great for small spaces while giving it a unique look—an ethereal nimbus of perfectly diffused light.

Ramen Wall Sconce on wall with moulding

Ramen is wet-rated, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. See Koncept to find out more. And go to Designer Pages Media for more clever uses of LEDs.

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