Lovely Leather and Superlative Suede by Demar Leather

Lovely Leather and Superlative Suede by Demar Leather

New York’s Demar Leather has built a reputation for transcending the traditional palette of staid browns and blacks: “Designers wanted to see a wider range of colors and novel textures, and we knew exactly how to satisfy their needs.”

Demar Leather Ritz Carlton South Beach bar and lounge area with many chairs in a neutral palette

Demar thus offers a broad collection—millions of square feet (most of which is sourced from Europe), stored in the company’s NYC warehouse and awaiting the tantalizing custom transformations that occur during Demar’s day-to-day.

Demar Leather Canyon Suites Scottsdale sofas and chairs in grey, pomegranate and, buff upholstery in lounge area with palm trees visible through window

The company has made special inroads into the hospitality market, with multiple projects in renowned hotels, including the comfy upholstered wing chairs, banquette seating, and hand-tufted leather headboards at Miami’s Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club.

Demar Leather Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club guest room with white decor and custom black upholstered head boards

Nashville’s Dream has also benefitted from Demar’s aesthetic resonance. The Art Deco feel of the surroundings are reflected in the leather upholstered public seating, including these blue beauties that embellish the vast expanse of The Dream’s flagship bar.

Demar Leather Nashville Dream hotel bar with many bar chairs in blue upholstered leather

Back home in NYC, the upscale Nobu Downtown offers dining area seating in commodious banquettes outfitted in Bavarian suede and hand-antiqued Matisse Claret leather.

Demar Leather Nobu dining room with many tables and chairs in red leather

Demar offers hundreds of different unique styles and colors: from Bavarian Suede to Vintage Floral, Amphibious Green to Cerulean Blue. Check out the entire inventory at Demar Leather. And see Designer Pages Media for more innovative leather surfaces.

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