Terho Pendant by Maija Puoskari for Mater

Terho Pendant by Maija Puoskari for Mater

Terho is Finnish for “Acorn,” which is the inspiration for this compact and charismatic pendant collection from Finnish designer Maija Puoskari.

Terho pendant large black

The resemblance to the compact, appealing form is apparent. Terho captures the shape of squirrels’ culinary mainstay with a simple Linden wood shade and exposed opal glass bulb.

Terho Pendant small black

And just as acorns vary in size and profile, Terho comes in small, medium, and large. Use it as a single showpiece in a dining room or grouped together in a clustered display.

Terho Pendant cluster white

The wood is FSC-certified and the glass is mouth-blown in Poland. Choose from White or black.

Terho Pendant black three sizes

Check out Mater for additional information.

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