Expand Your Palette with Lilac Marble by Artistic Tile

Expand Your Palette with Lilac Marble by Artistic Tile

Artistic Tile invites you to explore the unusual with a variety of designs in stunning shades, “the captivating allure of violet-veined lilac marble.”

Lilac marble Walden mosaic detail

The natural lilac tones are captured and crafted in the Walden Mosaic above, a textured design with a 3-D effect that evokes the tranquil lillypads of Henry Thoreau’s famed respite. And this herringbone pattern below is another take on the pacifying color. Shots of varied hues intermingle with the purest of white marble for a nice, new take on a traditional design.

Lilac Marble Herringbone detail

The bathroom below demonstrates more of lilac marble’s great potential. From the dynamic vibe of the random veining on the wall, to the pointilist effect of the honed hexagon tub, to the lily pads behind the sink and mirror, this is a bold design filled with sublime shapes and engaging textures.

Lilac marble Walden, field tile, and honed hexagon

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