Side by Side Work by Arco

Side by Side Work by Arco

Launched last month at Orgatec in Cologne, ‘Side by Side Work‘ is a multifunctional acoustic workstation by Dutch manufacturers Arco.


‘Side by Side Work’ is a modular workstation that can be adapted to suit specific needs by combining modules in different arrangements.

This multifunctional acoustic workstation gives users total freedom of choice whether they want to sit or stand, spend time emailing or conducting a meeting, sitting at a desk or reclining in a comfortable seat, in a group or one-on-one.


Made  up of oak frame panels upholstered in fabric to minimize noise interference, the workstation can be used as a private desk for one person or placed together to create an easy ad-hoc interaction or grouped together into a seating area, creating an informal meeting space.

Arco-Side_by_side_Work-Dick_Spierenburg-19_LowResArco-Side_by_side_Work-Dick_Spierenburg-11_LowRes Arco-Side_by_side_Work-Dick_Spierenburg-14_LowRes Arco-Side_by_side_Work-Dick_Spierenburg-16_LowRes Arco-Side_by_side_Work-Dick_Spierenburg-24_LowRes

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About the manufacturer: Hailing from the town of Winterswijk in the Netherlands, Dutch brand Arco is a family-run furniture manufacturer that has been in business for more than 100 years. With an emphasis on functionality and sustainability, Arco's products are all proudly made in the Netherlands.

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