New Styles in Kyle Bunting’s Spring Book Collection

New Styles in Kyle Bunting’s Spring Book Collection

Kyle Bunting, our very favorite author of hair-on-hide, is back with his Spring Book collection: a lovely landfall of bold, ultra-textured designs.

Spring Book includes both abstract and realistic designs, beginning with this geometric tour de force of funky triangles, parallelograms, and pentagons—all contained within a perfect circle.

Spring Book Rugs geometric colors circular rug

Here’s one for music fans: a beautiful back stage view of a hoe-down, showing a pair of fiddlers facing a primary-colored foreground that looks like stunning stained glass.

Spring Book rugs couple playing music

This intricate floral motif sports shades of hyperrealism a la Van Gogh. Spring colors herein include azalea, carrot, chick, coral, peacock, and pine. Fittingly, it’s all very vegetal.

Spring Book Rugs floral

Lastly, the rug below is a custom piece with a Hopi dancer motif, capturing this dynamic art form and sacred rite with exquisite realism and detail.

Spring Book Rugs Hopi Dancer

Kyle Bunting creates handmade rugs of unparalleled quality. All seams are inspected, and Mr. Bunting scrutinizes each and every one. To find out how to get yours, see Kyle Bunting. And check out more hair on hide rugs at Designer Pages Media.

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