Beautifully Crafted Italian Hide Rugs

Beautifully Crafted Italian Hide Rugs

Kyle Bunting’s hypnotic hide rugs offer a nearly unlimited palette of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs.

Kyle Bunting hide rugs Ipanema in gray, blue, and yellow intersecting triangles

In fact, the company’s mantra of “any size, any shape, any color,” enables designers and their clients to achieve their dream visions of underfoot adornment: “Each piece is a work of unique expression that personifies the space for which it was designed.”

Kyle Bunting Hide Rugs Metro straight and curving parallel lines in fuschia, tan, gray, and dark green

The Deco Collection—just one among hundreds of different design categories—utilizes the broad sweep of art deco geometrics for a handful of different styles, including Ryan Brewer’s Flume, inspired by a church in Upstate New York.

Kyle Bunting hide rugs flume design pentagon shapes and lines in multiple colors

Christopher Kennedy’s Metro evokes the high-speed kinetics of public transit, while perfectly capturing the vivid exuberance of the Art Deco era.

And Jiun Ho’s Ipanema is a jazzy panoply of overlaid triangles—an eclectic design with pronounced texture and visual appeal.

All Kyle Bunting rugs are handmade and built to client specs from their Austin, Texas studio. See Kyle Bunting for more.

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