The Elements Collection from Populous and SIXINCH

The Elements Collection from Populous and SIXINCH

From SIXINCH and Populous comes Elements, a modular furniture collection that takes inspiration from the ineffable qualities of chemical bonds.

Elements blue and ink in open office setting

Similar to those hieroglyph-like symbols that populate the periodic table, Elements’ modular pieces come together in a mysterious way—seeming to join seamlessly yet also exhibiting interesting demarcations.

Elements detail with cushion and yellow blanket

SIXINCH puts it thusly: “the rounded shapes intentionally do not fit together perfectly, instead creating small shadow lines that define where one piece ends and another begins.”

Elements different pieces floating in air with periodic table symbols

This feature crates visual relief while also displaying flexibility and inviting exploration. The individual pieces may be easily moved and reconfigured—offering the freedom and dynamism that’s so valued in today’s evolving workspaces.

Elements detail of pillow snapping onto seat

The Elements line includes seats with varied profiles, ottomans, chaises, tables, dividers, and optional blanket coverings.

Elements statement of line with seats, chaises, tables, and ottomans

See SIXINCH to find out more.

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