Future Tense Collection by LUUM

Future Tense Collection by LUUM

Designed by Suzanne Tick, the Future Tense Collection by LUUM focuses on scale and duality of textiles by elevating trusted materials with thought-provoking patterns and vibrant colors that work together to create a cohesive collection of fabrics.

Future Tense is comprised of five new fabrics that celebrate the advancements made in sustainable manufacturing and design. Schema features fragmented graphic patterns while Tilt Shift is more linear in nature and comprised of recycled cotton.

Actuate is comprised of technical fibers in a basic-weave pattern finished with a soft luster; Color Fuse comes in a palette of saturated hues made from translucent high-performance polyurethane; and Macrotweed features thick, marled yarns that highlights the brand’s exploration of scale, material, and construction.

For more information visit LuumTextiles.com.

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