Uhuru’s Fantastic Fold

Uhuru’s Fantastic Fold

In many ways, Brooklyn during the past two decades has evolved from rough to refined. So we’re happy to see Uhuru is still inspired by the urban iconography that yet dominates the borough.

Uhuru Fold Collection table in blue

Witness the Fold collection, comprised of an end table, bench, and console—each with an intriguing and intricate origami-esque structure.

Uhuru Fold Collection view from above brass

Fittingly, the form is inspired by civic detritus, the shipping straps endemic to Uhuru’s industrial neighborhood: “Organically crushed by trucks, the strapping is transformed into twisted metal ribbons, perfect for a geometric study.”

Uhuru Fold Collection inspiration from shipping straps

Fold also reflects another type of wear and tear—the embedded patina these straps endure from exposure to sun and snow, wind and rain—captured in the available materials of brass and powder-coated aluminum.

Uhuru Fold Collection table in pink

Fold is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use—the latter will only enhance the industrial appeal.

Uhuru Fold Collection table in olive

See Uhuru to find out more.

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