The Bellevue Luminaire Gives Avenues-Bahrain an Atmospheric Outdoor Feel

The Bellevue Luminaire Gives Avenues-Bahrain an Atmospheric Outdoor Feel

Manufacturer Luminis used the multi-tasking Bellevue luminaire in the recently lauded Avenues-Bahrain, an innovative indoor/outdoor venue that won Best Retail Architecture at the Arabian and African Property Awards.

Luminis Bellevue Luminaire at Avenues Bahrain with palm trees

Avenues-Bahrain features a stunning domed glass ceiling designed to allow natural light while while protecting shoppers from the harsh desert heat.

Luminis Bellevue Luminaire near wide window

Believue—typically an outdoor fixture—complements the look and feel of the mall with a modern streetlamp aesthetic that also provides targeted illumination.

Luminis Bellevue Luminaire at night

The unique design features adjustable modules, each of which may be tilted fore/aft and left/right for precise directional aiming.

Luminis Bellevue Luminaire detail of optics

And Bellevue is especially versatile. The lamps on Avenues-Bahrain feature one or several additional optic arms, providing an extra lighting source as well as mounting for promotional banners.

Luminis Bellevue Luminaire several lamps with multiple mounting arms

Avenues-Bahrain is rapidly becoming a popular destination for residents of the Gulf Region as well as tourists. Luminis’ Bellevue luminaire is “an innovative lighting solution that contributes to a dynamic retail space.”

Luminis Bellevue Luminaire The Avenues

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