Modulo Stone Flex by Easy Drain

Modulo Stone Flex by Easy Drain

Modulo Stone Flex, from Easy Drain, is a hidden linear drain system designed to incorporate into marble showers and other showers with natural stone floors.

Modulo Stone Flex detail

Because it’s installed from wall to wall, it offers a clean look with minimal disruption to the surface.

Modulo Stone Flex in shower

The frame-less design works with floors of any thickness. The drain mechanism is entirely concealed beneath the shower floor.

Modulo Stone Flex view of bathroom with shower in white marble

As befits the name, it’s also easy to clean, with a simple hidden lever that allows instant access.

Modulo Stone Flex removal for cleaning

Modulo Stone Flex can be cut to length on site. To find out more, see Easy Drain. And go to Designer Pages Media for a look at other bathroom accessories.

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