Infinity Drain’s FFAS 25 Linear Drainage System

You’ve heard of an infinity pool but how about an infinity drain? The concept certainly makes sense, because all that lovely water that appears to be spilling off into the cosmic abyss eventually has to go somewhere. But the FFAS 25 by Infinity Drain doesn’t primarily see to the water supply of pools (though it will if you wish) but rather to the drainage needs of your average shower.

FFAS 25 Linear Drain. Manufactured by Infinity Drain.

The FFAS 25 Drain by Infinity Drain Creates a Seamless Finish for Any Shower

FFAS 25 Linear Drain. Manufactured by Infinity Drain.

But I should re-phrase that last sentence, since any shower or bath with the FFAS 25 immediately transcends mundanity. That’s because the linear drain system by Infinity Drain does away with the one distracting feature of even the most avant-garde shower enclosures—the often unsightly square hunk of metal in the center.

FFAS 25 Linear Drain. Manufactured by Infinity Drain.

The FFAS 25, to the contrary, is a slim, sleek, and seamless drain that runs along the edges of enclosures, establishing a lovely linear look that not only creates more aesthetic options, but also makes it easier to match existing schemes—and easier to keep things looking ship-shape, as it turns out, since the FFAS 25 is completely removable for cleaning.

The FFAS 25 is a one-inch wide, pre-pitched drain with a 2” no hub connection. Fixed lengths range from 32” to 60.” Finish options include satin or polished stainless steel.

About the Manufacturer: Infinity Drain creates and manufactures linear drain systems for showers, pool surrounds, balconies, and driveways. Inspired by the single-pitch concept of the trench drain, an Infinity Drain does away with the center drain, which requires the floor to be sloped in four directions: “By pitching a floor in one direction, the possibilities are infinite: no limitation on tile size, meets ADA requirements for handicap shower entry, no boundaries on design because of drain location, outlet can be located anywhere on channel length, and drains water more efficiently.” The company’s product portfolio includes fixed length and site sizeable options.

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