Deco Tile in Style from Ceramics of Italy

Deco Tile in Style from Ceramics of Italy

Ceramics of Italy is saying goodbye to 2020 and envisioning brighter things ahead with a collection of vibrant Art Deco Tile Styles.

Deco Tile chevron on backsplach

True to the Deco lineage, these creative and dynamic designs offer blends of light and dark, contrasting patterns with interesting juxtapositions, and familiar motifs like chevrons and scallops.

Deco tile scallops in cafe

Both indoor and outdoor tiles are available, as in this impressive installation featuring intersecting arcs that resembles a profusion of marine life.

Deco tile outdoor square tiles in scallop configuration gray and white

Chimera is an aptly named and startling design with a bold interplay of contrasting colors suggesting a 70s psychedelic vibe.

Deco tile dynamic geometrical pattern with red ovals, green lines, and pink trapezoids

And Opulence does an innovative take on a Yin/Yang motif and the phases of the moon.

Deco tile black and white half circle motif with black and white lines

Deco isn’t the only motif to celebrate this holiday season. Ceramics of Italy has put together a fall/winter 2020 Tile Trend Report identifying a handful of overarching themes. See here to find out more.

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