Enhance Healthcare Hygiene with Rockfon Ceiling Panels

Enhance Healthcare Hygiene with Rockfon Ceiling Panels

Manufacturer Rockfon offers a line of acoustical ceiling panels that are suitable for healthcare applications. The panels are made of stone wool-a byproduct of basalt rock, naturally conferring acoustic performance, high noise-reduction coefficients, fire protection, and dimensional stability.


Of special importance for healthcare environments, Rockfon's ceiling panels feature enhanced hygienic properties. Stone wool has no nutritional value, so it provides no sustenance to potentially harmful microorganisms.


Rockfon offers three varieties for healthcare environments with varying protection requirements: "Medical Standard" for Basic cleaning and hygiene (corridors, administration, waiting areas); "Medical Plus" for enhanced hygiene requirements (emergency rooms, delivery rooms, small surgery); and "Medical Air" for recovery rooms, high-risk patients, and bacteriological containment.


Rockfon's panels feature a smooth white surface, which is aesthetically pleasing as well as in line with sustainability efforts: reflecting 83 - 86% of available light, the panels help to enhance energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs. They also contain up to 42% recycled material.


For more information, see Rockfon.com.

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