Hightower’s Proto Lounge

Hightower’s Proto Lounge

Anything evoking newness is probably a good bet these days, so Hightower’s Proto Lounge has garnered quick acclaim.

Hightower's Proto Lounge mint and yellow with partial view of seated woman

What’s original here? The curvaceous semi-circular form is the main calling card, as it creates a quick personal enclave that’s appealing in both the aesthetic and functional sense. As Hightower says, “These designs take one’s inclination to turn inward or outward and create mini environments to mimic those moments.”

Hightower's Proto Lounge mint and orange ottoman with seated man

Proto is available with conventional back height and as an extended highback piece—the latter providing an extension of personal space and privacy.

Hightower's Proto Lounge highback rust

Proto is the winner of Interior Design Magazine’s 2020 HiP Award for Best Hospitality Lounge Seating. It is also red-list free.

Hightower's Proto Lounge beige and mint detail of arms

See Hightower for fabric options and additional information. And go to Designer Pages Media for more sheltered seating.

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