Camira’s Regent and Port

Camira’s Regent and Port

Debuting next week, Camira’s Regent and Port both offer the appealing one-two punch of aesthetic allure and high performance.

Camira’s Regent and Port Regent detail tan and gray/blue

The similarities perhaps end there, however, as the two new textiles ultimately fit different niches.

Camira’s Regent and Port Port fabric swatches

As the name might indicate, Regent is a luxurious velvet with an elegant look. Featuring a matte finish, directionless pile, and a vivid palette of 24 colors, Regent is indeed a fabric fit for a King or Queen.

Camira’s Regent and Port mustard Regent on lounge chair

Port tends more toward the utilitarian. With a name that references shelter and protection, Port is a phthalate-free vinyl that’s durable and environmentally conscious with a palette of muted tones.

Camira’s Regent and Port Port swatches detail

And Port is great for venues in which health and safety are top priorities. It’s Prop 65 and AB-2998 compliant, “protecting human life by not emitting or leaving any trace of harmful chemicals.”

Camira’s Regent and Port Port swatches detail

Both fabrics have a wide range of uses—from residential settings to public spaces to healthcare and education venues.

Camira’s Regent and Port pastiche of Regent fabric samples in different shapes

Find out more at Camira. And see other high performance textiles at Designer Pages Media.

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