Powerful Lineage: Gyogam and Zigzag Lamps by Jiwoong Jung

Like a quirky set of fraternal twin brothers, Jiwoong Jung created a couple of lighting designs that are definitely related, but oh so distinct. The Gyogam floor lamp and the Zigzag hanging suspension light use multiple shades and bulbs to direct the lighting in a few different directions, creating a glow from their deep, dark shells that is impossible to shake.

Gyogam floor lamp. Designed by Jiwoong Jung.

Inspired by Power Lines, the Gyogam and Zigzag Lights by South Korea’s Young Designer, Jiwoong Jung.

Years ago, I saw some of the most beautiful photography that a Midwest photographer (whose name escapes me) had done of power lines. If I had not seen his simple, technical, and varied pieces in the light they’d come to my desk, I might never have the same gut reaction to the Gyogam and Zigzag. Poignant indeed, Jung has said his inspiration for creating the two fixtures also happens to be the  towering structures in the sky that hold our power lines.

Gyogam floor lamp. Designed by Jiwoong Jung.

From South Korea, designer Jiwoong Jung has created the two aluminum lighting fixtures – Gyogam and Zigzag – to work mutually exclusive of one another. The erect Gyogam table lamp is lit on both sides as if it were a mythical creature with supernatural powers, seeing in every direction – or as Jung points out, perhaps like a set of speakers. Zigzag’s hanging status, on the other hand, occupies a much smaller area and is obviously mimicking the rods and rounded diffusers of the Gyogam light.

Gyogam floor lamp. Designed by Jiwoong Jung.

Zigzag pendant light. Designed by Jiwoong Jung.

Gyogam floor lamp. Designed by Jiwoong Jung.

All in all, they’re a duo that can pull together a room from opposite ends or kept separate, showing off each of their unique attitudes that glow with their contrasting dark-sided finish.

via Design-Milk.

About the Designer: Jiwoong Jung is a product and furniture designer who hails from Wando, South Korea. Born in 1986, Jung finished high school in 2002 and went onto get his degree in Industrial Design from Seoul’s National University of Technology and Science, graduating in 2006. His lighting, furniture and other projects have been exhibited at the Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Door, Window show and the Fashion Fair at the BMH Gallery in Seoul, as well as at the Seoul Design Festival and the Seoul Living Fair in Coex, Seoul.

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