BuzziSpace Rethinks the Shield

BuzziSpace Rethinks the Shield

Now that the luster ot the desk partition has worn away to a fine sheen, BuzziSpace blows some life into the concept with BuzziShield, an acoustic partition that blocks germs without making spaces feel clinical.

BuzziShield green partitions atop desk and floor to height with wood desk and chairs

Like all things Buzzi, BuzziShield is nice and soft, keeping the atmosphere warm in both the literal and figurative senses of the word for “a cozy acoustic solution that effectively absorbs sound while adding a colorful element into any workspace.”

BuzziShield in beige floor to standing height and atop desk. Black desk with black chair.
Two people working at desks facing each other with green BuzziShield at head height
Green space divider and green desk partition on wooden desk with computer and two brown task chairs

BuzziShield comes in many shapes, many sizes. Small, medium, and large heights satisfy needs for everyting from full-height partitions between workspaces to small privacy screens. And arced profiles offer visual relief—a welcome respite from the straight lines typical of the partition milieu.

Close up of BuzziShield dividers, one in lavender and one darky gray on desk with open laptop
Arc-shaped room dividers in forest green and kermit the frog gren with partial view of chairs and carpet

BuzziShield is lightweight: maneuverable and portable. Just pinch between thumb and forefinger and set down anew atop its slim metal baseplates.

Detail of portable divider with hand
Detail of steel base of space divider

This being BuzziSpace, a bevy of upholstery options and colors awaits. Check out the many different forms and hues of BuzziShield at Design Post x Orgatec in Cologne, Oct. 25-29. And go to 3rings for more innovative approaches to space division.

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