Stay Up-to-Date with WallPepper’s Latest

Stay Up-to-Date with WallPepper’s Latest

Wallpepper keeps it timely with Up-to-Date, an extensive new offering of innovative styles that the company describes as “a vibrant craft workshop of ideas, projects, images and trends.”

The idea of a creative atelier is apropos, especially given the breadth of aesthetics herein; however, there is a persistent theme centered around the manipulation of reality. Both “Armarium” and “Bluebird” re-imagine an entire wall, creating the illusion of three dimensions and a transformed functionality.

WallPepper Up-to-Date Armarium looks like wall-sized storage
WallPepper Up-to-Date Bluebird looks like windows with sky and clouds beyond

Concrete Jungle is a bit rougher around the edges. This style imagines urban street- and building-scapes as a geometric tour de force—an M.C. Escher-esque play on direction and perspective.

WallPepper Up-to-Date Concrete Jungle with expressionistic geometric shapes

New Deco is equal parts homage and re-invention, with the familiar linearity buoyed by grand splashes of color and a recurrent triangle motif.

WallPepper Up-to-Date colorful intersecting triangles of different sizes

Lastly, Mishrabiya reproduces the historical style of Islamic architecture with a circular pattern that’s also reminiscent of flower petals.

WallPepper Up-to-Date Mishrabayi antiqued look circles in black on white

Up-to-date’s wide range of styles achieves the trick of appealing to an even wider range of users : “a new aesthetic and expressive vogue, in step with people’s lifestyles and changes.” Up-to-Date is appropriate for residential and contract venues. Check out WallPepper to find out more. And go to Designer Pages Media for more out-of-the-box wallcoverings.

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