Carlo Stanga WallPepper Collection

Carlo Stanga WallPepper Collection

Urban landscapes become flights of fancy in Carlo Stanga's Cities Collection for WallPepper.

Carlo Stanga WallPepper Oblique Interior showing room interior with slanted view of city through window

Stanga—whose day job is illustrating for editorial and advertising—envisions the built environment as a lovely phantasmagoria, a blank canvas for capturing the dynamism and detail of the city.

Carlo Stanga WallPepper I'am Milano showing drawing of panoramic view of Milano in black and white

The aesthetic is palpable with I’am Milano (shown above), an intricately detailed black and white panorama of that city, as well as with Città Invisibili (below), an homage to writer Italo Calvino’s iconic Invisible Cities. Both the book and the wallpaper merge architectural styles and even entire temporal epochs.

Carlo Stanga WallPepper Citta Invisibili showing fanciful city with buildings in different styles and imaginative elements like a flying fish and a whale in a glass case

Galleria and Duomo Medano are only slightly less ambitious, focusing on the architectural marvels inherent to great cities and depicting same in an inimitable style that synthesizes a cartoonish whimsy with a draftsman’s exactitude.

Carlo Stanga WallPepper Galeria showing interior of beautiful building with large dome overhead and many people walking below

WallPepper wallpapers utilize an eco-friendly material that is soft and smooth to the touch. The company specializes in offering big, engaging, and fanciful imagery—“ideas, innovation, creativity and a trend to design with a unique style.”

Carlo Stanga WallPepper Duomo Milano showing front of cathdral in black and white drawing with blue highlights

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Posted January 13, 2020 by Joseph Starr

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