JSI Privacy Screens

JSI Privacy Screens

As we begin to emerge from quarantine, workspace furniture arrangements have taken on new importance. With workers beginning to go back to the office, tools like JSI privacy screens will figure prominently to maintain social distancing.

JSI Privacy Screen acrylic, translucent

JSI offers a variety of screens in a wide range of materials.

JSI Privacy Screens white laminate on standing desk

From freestanding soft- and hard-sided to surface-mount, the screens enable custom configurations to achieve privacy and protection.

JSI Privacy Screens view from above many free-standing screens in open sitting area

The surface-mounted screens can be attached on any side of the surface—beneath, above, on the edge, and on the side.

JSI Privacy Screens side-mount gray acoustic PET

Material options include acrylic, laminate, acoustic PET, pressed vinyl, and markerboard.

JSI Privacy Screens vinyl gray with concave edge

To find out more, see JSI.

Posted May 6, 2020 by Joseph Starr

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