Scale 1:1’s 3-in-1 Nomad Sport Table

Scale 1:1’s 3-in-1 Nomad Sport Table

For those soon to go back to the office, Scale 1:1’s 3-in-1 Nomad Sport Table is a wise choice.

Nomad Sport Table conference mode overhead view

This is a smart and functional product that embodies the mantra “Work together. Play together.”

Nomad Sport Table with ping pong net and chairs

The work component involves a lightweight and mobile conference table with rolling casters and a modern, vibrant aesthetic. There’s also the presto-chango feature that quickly morphs Nomad into a versatile whiteboard.

Nomad Sport Table white board mode with man presenting

From my perspective, the third function is the outright winner. A simple net attachment turns Nomad into a regulation ping-pong table, which not only has the advantage of a fun outlet for workplace exercise, but also keeps you six feet apart. A double win.

Nomad Sport table ping pong two playing two watching

To find out more, see Scale 1:1. And go to Designer Pages Media for more clever workplace furniture.

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