Brightgreen’s UV-C Lights Help Knock Out Covid-19

Brightgreen’s UV-C Lights Help Knock Out Covid-19

While some designers and textile manufacturers focus on making masks (see here), Brightgreen Wellness continues doing what they do best—lighting.

UV-C Lights corridor in nurses' station

However, Brightgreen’s UV-C Lights are no ordinary luminaire, but rather a sophisticated dual-light spectrum system delivering ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in the form of short wavelength ultra-violet light (UV-C) as well as regular visible light.

UV-C Lights detail of module

UV-C light is a proven virus-eradicating technology. In use for more than 70 years—primarily in healthcare environments—targeted application of UV-C sterilizes and sanitizes surfaces and kills airborne pathogens.

UV-C Lights surgery room

Studies show the approach is effective: “UV light can significantly decrease the bio-burden of common multidrug-resistant and spore-forming pathogens.” This includes common bacteria like C-Dificile and MRSA, as well as coronaviruses like SARS and MERS.

UV-C Lights module detail

Since Covid-19 is a close relative of the latter two, UV-C lights show great promise in helping to combat its spread, not only in healthcare facilities but also in schools and workspaces.

UV-C Lights recessed lights in school

As UV-C light can be damaging to skin and eyes, Brightgreen has created an algorithm-based wellness system that detects human presence and deactivates the light. The system emits the UV-C light when the space is vacant and cycles back into regular visible light when occupied.

UV-C Lights suspended luminaire in workspace

Brightgreen is using their Troffer lights for the initial rollout. They’re available as recessed, surface, and suspended luminaires. To find out more, contact Brightgreen.

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