3M’s DI-NOC is a Versatile Surface Solution

3M’s DI-NOC is a Versatile Surface Solution

Spruce-up your surface with 3M’s DI-NOC Collection.

3M's DI-NOC samples of options including wood, metal, and others

Consisting of over 180 new patterns—assembled by architects and designers to capture the latest design trends—DI-NOC is a self-adhesive film that’s easy to apply on both smooth and rough surfaces.

3M's DI-NOC Collection samples on wall in showroom. 15 samples including wood, metal, and solid colors

The collection duplicates the look of a variety of hard surface-materials, everything from marble to metal to solid wood. There are even wood-grain options that match the groovy look of the classic Woodie Station Wagon from the 60s.

3M's DI-NOC Collection multiple options in an artful arrangement including wood, metal, and solid patterns

DI-NOC is simple to apply. Surfaces may be finished on site, with very little mess or waste and minimal downtime. Further, DI-NOC film is fingerprint- and dirt-resistant.

3M's DI-NOC collection renovation of elevator exterior in marble

Other applications include exterior walls and furniture. To read more, see DesignTex. And click here for a video showing installation procedure.

*Images by Matthew Robinson Photography.

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