Rastelli’s Fabula Kitchen

Rastelli’s Fabula Kitchen

The shining star of Rastelli’s Fabula Kitchen has to be the center island, though the stunning sink and towering cabinets are contenders too.

Rastelli's Fabula Kitchen image of entire kitchen with stainless steel, wood, and glass elements in gray/black/chrome color palette

Perhaps the island steals the spotlight because it is, after all, at the center of things. Nor does it hurt that it features a slick integrated snack top in beautiful Tropical Quercia Wood.

Rastelli's Fabula Kitchen image of entire kitchen from in front of island with snack top featured

But oh that sink. There’s something so perfect about the Open Pore Basaltine Stone. It’s like a museum piece that you can actually touch.

Rastelli's Fabula Kitchen close up on sink farmhouse style in medium gray

And the wall cabinets and columns are nothing to shake sticks at either. With metal-framed glass and stainless steel, they provide copious storage while also serving as the Modern yin to the doors’ Neo-Colonial yang.

Rastelli's Fabula Kitchen image of storage columns with stainless steel frame and smoked glass

Rastelli says this particular incarnation of Fabula is “a model,” as Fabula is a custom kitchen, born of the aforementioned estimable elments—“able to meet any taste and suit any kind of environment, between contemporary lines, traditional echoes, and eastern inspirations.”

Rastelli's Fabula Kitchen overhead view of entire kitchen

See Rastelli to find out more.

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