Neither Snow, nor Cold, nor Wind, nor Rain

Neither Snow, nor Cold, nor Wind, nor Rain

Tranzend’s Ultra Coat is a garment whose time has come. Made of the exclusively upcycled materials of recycled plastic (65%) and used coffee grounds (35%), it’s a handsome all-purpose jacket that regulates heat to work equally well in any climate.

Ultra Coat worn by a man and woman model in front of cement wall

Ultra Coat is simultaneously water-resistant and breathable. Moisture produced by the sky stays out (both snow and rain), while moisture produced by your body easily evaporates.

Ultra Coat detail showing water beading on cuff

What’s more, the coffee grounds used in its manufacture confer innate odor protection, keeping you and your jacket smelling like a veritable rose while also reducing the need to wash it.

Ultra Coat detail of top front of jacket with neck cuffs and Tranzend logo visible

And, this being the third decade of the new millennium, Ultra Coat is tech-wise: the hood detaches with a slick integrated magnet, magnetic ear bud holders assure you’ll never lose your Bluetooth, and powerbank heating zones allow customized climate control—heating up to 131 degrees F with rechargeable USBs.

Ultra Coat on male model shot from waist up wearing hood

As its creators intend, Ultra Coat does everything and does it while looking good. The unisex coat is slick and streamlined, with expert tailoring, laser-cut microfiber pockets, and adjustable cuffs. It’s also anti-stain, wrinkle-free, and machine-washable. The fabric is pliable and stretchy, offering users ease of movement and extra comfort.

Ultra Coat cuff detail showing snaps

Designed as a crucial item in your wardrobe that will help you to use less stuff, Ultra Coat aims to contribute to the trend of conserving resources and minimizing our carbon footprint: “for a variety of different occasions—commuting to work, being active outdoors in the cold, date nights, etc… our goal is for this to be a functional everyday coat.”

Ultra Coat model holding coat open while wearing it to show heat-activation button

Ultra Coat begins production in April of this year. See Tranzend’s Kickstarter page for more info. and to pre-order.

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