Lighting and Glassware by Western Trash

Lighting and Glassware by Western Trash

Berlin-based brand Western Trash transforms discarded bottles sourced from Berlin restaurants into elegant lighting and glassware designs.  


Working out of a studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin, WesternTrash produce designer lighting and glassware from discarded glass bottles.

Each bottle is carefully selected for it's size, color and glass quality. After being soaked to remove any labels, the bottles are cut to size using a diamond saw. The cut edges are ground until smooth and consistent.


Each item is triple-polished for a brilliant shine, then sandblasted with the Western Trash logo. Finally the glass is put through an industrial grade dishwasher before being packaged  by hand into reusable boxes.


Equally at home in a city apartment, bohemian cafe, or rustic old house in the countryside, Western Trash's lighting and glassware makes a unique addition to any space.


Contact Western Trash on +49 (0)176 3861 9906 or For more information visit

About the manufacturer: Working out of a studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin, WesternTrash produce designer lighting and glassware. Because all of the studio's products are handcrafted, no two items are exactly alike and every product tells a different part of the Berlin story. The studio's design philosophy combines elegant form with intelligent function, and every product made to the highest standards of professional craftsmanship. With a focus on sustainability, all of the materials used by WesternTrash are recycled, reusable, and sourced locally in Berlin.


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