Hanging Gardens’ Green Roofs

Hanging Gardens’ Green Roofs

Milwaukee-based Hanging Gardens is a beautifying force in Brew City and the greater Midwest too. The company’s growing portfolio of green roofs constitutes a grand gallery of projects that look lovely and function exceedingly well.

Hanging Gardens' Green Roofs at private residence with grass and perennials in front of nice home with large glass windows

Example A is in Nearby Madison’s Children’s Museum. This play area absolutely looks like it’s set at grade—it includes granite pathways, trees, shrubs, perennials, sod, waterfalls, even a chicken coop and beehive. And it emphasizes the use of photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting.

Hanging Gardens' Green Roofs Madison Children's Museum wooded path through shrubs and water feature with building visible beyond

The slanted roof adorning the exterior of the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center is an engineering marvel and a civic landmark. The shape of the roof renders it visible from up to a mile away. This is compelling topography for humans and apes alike.

Hanging Gardens' Green Roofs Simon Skjodt Orangutan Center view showing slanted green roof on building with large glass facade

St. Louis’ Food Roof Farm showcases the cultivational potential of green roofs, as it produces hundreds of pound of food each year. Ongoing work with winterizing beds aspires towards year-round food production—in frosty St. Louis!

Hanging Gardens' Green Roofs St. Louis Food Farm rows of neat gardens atop roof of building with hvac system, gardening shed, concrete paths, and gardeners

Hanging Gardens’ latest innovation is Blue Roof Smart Stormwater Disposal. This automated system uses algorithms to synchronize weather forecasts and real-time data in order to store water on the roof and release it only when city disposal systems can handle the inflow: “retaining water at the most critical periods, preventing localized flooding, polluting of natural bodies of water, and overcapacity to water treatment facilities.”

Hanging Gardens Green Roofs Blue Roof stormwater system with monitors on roof during rainfall

Find out more at Hanging Gardens.

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