Dornbracht’s eMOTE Uses Infrared for Water Conservation

Saving water has gotten simpler: hand in, water on; hand out (or in again), water off. With their series of electronic fittings: eMOTE, Dornbracht became the first to develop an infrared fitting specifically tailored to private use. These electronic tap units are simple and streamlined in both form and function, integrating intelligent technology and high-quality design.

eMOTE. Designed by SIEGER DESIGN with Dornbracht and Oras.

You probably wash your face at least two times a day – and your hands far more often. You turn the water on and get a little wet. Then soap and suds while the water runs unnecessarily. Finally, you rinse. If you’re not following this standard protocol, take a moment to contemplate your hygiene. If you are, you waste a lot of water while washing both your hands and your face. eMote’s sensor-based fitting saves water without sacrificing convenience or hygiene, letting you determine your own washing time.

There are only two visible parts: the wall-mount base and the spout, available in polished chrome or matte platinum.With the automatic function on eMOTE, the sensors are adjusted so that the water only flows as long as a hand is underneath the tap. The flow stops as soon as the hand moves away. The most basic version is the On/Off, letting you determine when the water runs and when it stops: hand in, water on; hand in again, water off. Adding a mixing button adds another level of complication, but barely.

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To further conserve and minimize water waste, a controllable safety mechanism automatically switches off the fitting after 1 minute for the On/Off version, and 2 minutes for the automatic function. eMOTE doesn’t use any energy during the opening phase since there is no power involved – enabling the battery life-span to be very long, approximately 5 years.

eMOTE was designed by SIEGER DESIGN, while Scandinavian company Oras (whom Dornbracht has had a long partnership) dealt with the technology. eMOTE is available as a wall outlet and a stand tap for wash basins in chrome and matte platinum finishing.

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