Titan Pendant by Original BTC: Fave of Foodies

Titan Pendant by Original BTC: Fave of Foodies

Original BTC’s Titan Pendant is nigh on 25 years old, and it’s every bit as relevant as it was when it debuted back in 1995.

Titan Pendant in black in airy kitchen above white portable table with two high stools

This fixture is indeed a fixture. Dubbed “The Foodie Favorite,” Titan has become a ubiquitous sight in open kitchens from Paris to London, New York to L.A., Uruguay to Uzbekistan for that matter.

Titan Pendant five white pendants in busy open kitchen with two chefs working

Wherefore this titanic prevalence? Most likely it’s the timeless and functional design. Titan—based on a Birmingham factory fitting from back in the 40s—has come to embody utilitarian chic. It’s industrial yet elegant, versatile yet streamlined, offering a luxe vibe while doing the difficult work of shining a revelatory light on thousands upon thousands of gustatory wonders.

Titan Pendant three pendants in olive green, yellow, and red

Titan is available in a signature shiny chrome, as well as red, yellow, olive green, black, and white. Contrasting interior colors are available as well. An etched glass visor is optional.

Titan Pendant natural chrome aluminum
Titan Pendant red with white interior

See Original BTC for further details.

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