Hardi Children’s Seating for Behavioral Healthcare

Hardi Children’s Seating for Behavioral Healthcare

Spec’s Hardi Children’s seating line just took home Nightingale Silver at the Healthcare Design Expo and Conference.

Hardi Children's nine chairs in blue, white, and gray in open room with circular coffee table

Recognizing the challenges of providing safe, comfortable, and functional furniture for behavioral healthcare facilities, the judges praised Hardi Children’s for its monolithic construction, which makes it easy to move yet difficult to pick up: “With a robust rotationally molded polyethylene build, safety and clean-ability are at the forefront of the design.”

Hardi Children's two chairs one adult-sized one child-sized both blue

Hardi Children’s is also soft, enhancing safety as well as inviting interaction. And the color palette of pleasing earth tones conveys a calming, versatile aesthetic.

Hardi Children's many chairs in green and grey in school with teacher reading to a student

Hardi Children’s is currently available in a dining version, which also makes a great multi-purpose chair. The adult line is available as a dining chair, lounge, and rocker.

Hardi Children's in behavioral health center five small blue chiars and one large green rocker with child and caregiver

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