Get Instant Privacy with  Loop Phone Booths

Get Instant Privacy with Loop Phone Booths

Among the recent onset of workspace privacy booths, Loop Phone Booths stand out for their ergonomic seating, attractive aesthetic, and ready-to-wear/plug-and-play installation.

Loop Phone Booths view of interior with pink upholstery and blue trim

Loop arrives fully assembled and primed for use. Shipped in one piece, Loop Solo is designed to fit through tight spaces. And, it offers instant data and power infrastructure, with a variety of electrical, network, and USB configurations.

Loop Phone booths solo view yellow upholstery view from seat up in room with partial view of piano

Standard components include a built-in laptop desk, LED lighting, and dual-fan circulation. An optional whiteboard is ideal for taking quick notes.

Loop Phone Booths Solo with blue upholstery and whiteboard in open office

In addition to Solo, Loop offers the multi-person Cube, providing a rapid alternative for focused collaboration of up to four people: “You’ll never worry about your meeting being overheard or disrupting the focus of your surrounding colleagues again.”

Loop Phone Booths Cube model with aqua upholstery, red trim, and red floor

Loop is ideal for open concept offices in need of quiet, soundproof privacy options. A variety of finishes are available.

Loop Phone Booths two Solo models with wood grain exterior and men inside on phone in office space

See Loop for more information.

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