A Match Made in Heaven: Chilewich Contract, Velcro, and Biofelt

I  remember the day when my younger brother, who had budding scientific aspirations, whereas I did not, approached me with an exuberant enthusiasm for Velcro, of all things: “The genius is that it actually gets tighter with vibrations.” The comment—paraphrased here—provoked the typical ridicule reserved for such geeky insights, but perhaps I should have given it a second thought, just like Chilewich Contract did. The manufacturer recently announced that their innovative Biofelt Tile Backing installs with the help of, you guessed it, that magical material called Velcro.

Biofelt Sustainable Tile Backing. Designed by Sandy Chilewich. Manufactured by Chilewich Contract.

Biofelt Easy-to-Install Tile Backing is Environmentally Friendly

I guess that on some level I always knew that Velcro was revolutionary. For what other product promises such fail safe stick-to-it-iveness, if you will, without the mess of adhesives or the destruction of permanent fasteners? The stuff is definitely clean and clever, and that’s precisely why Chilewich chose to partner with Velcro USA, Inc. in order to make installation and removal of Biofelt-backed tiles such a snap.

Biofelt Sustainable Tile Backing. Designed by Sandy Chilewich. Manufactured by Chilewich Contract.

Though perhaps I should say, such a “non-oozy sticking together.” Biofelt, which is a PVC-free backing system made of 82% pre-and post-consumer content, works in concert with Velcro’s Brand Hook Squares, “a new installation system to connect each tile to one another, and to the floor... this allows for easy installation on raised access floors and other flooring surfaces where adhesives would not be allowed or desirable.”

When are they desirable? For more permanent installations—and Biofelt can certainly be used in that capacity too—but why sully the stellar sustainability of a product made almost entirely from reclaimed materials?

Biofelt Sustainable Tile Backing. Designed by Sandy Chilewich. Manufactured by Chilewich Contract.

Together, Biofelt and Velcro facilitate easy installation, easy access, and easy change-outs. And the backing is noticeably more elastic than conventional brands, putting a spring in the step of even the heaviest-treading corporate big-wigs. Case in point: the unbridled enthusiasm of Chilewich CEO Joe Sultan: “BioFelt is the most exciting tile backing system we’ve ever developed. The tile has a wonderful cushioned feel to it, it's much lighter than vinyl, it's tough and durable and can be installed with Velcro Brand Hook Squares—it's a truly exciting development."

About the Manufacturer: Wife and Husband Sandy Chilewich and Joe Sultan are the dynamic duo behind Chilewich Contract, an innovative textile manufacturing concern whose output you might recognize as the lean and lovely fabric wrapped around your iPhone case. Perhaps most famous for her innovations with vinyl in placemats and floormats, Ms. Chilewich is also known for her durable and beautiful Chestnut Basketweave Textile, which graces the stage at NY/Group Armani Milan.

Posted June 18, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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