Feeling Blue? The Corsara Stove is too

Feeling Blue? The Corsara Stove is too

In case you haven’t heard, the Pantone Color of the Year is none other than Classic Blue—no surprise, for what could be more versatile or lovely than the color of the sky? Perhaps Sergio Leoni’s Corsara Stove, which comes in 12 decadent finishes but shines especially in True Blue.

Corsara Stove side view showing stove in ornate room with blue patterned rug, pink an white chairs, wooden table, and drop ceiling with blue/white pattern

The Corsara Stove is a baroque tour de force of a wood-burning appliance. Ornate, expansive, complex, and exquisitely detailed, the stove makes a bold statement at a minimum; at a maximum, it bellows in aesthetic excess from the very bottom of its ember-filled lungs.

Corsara Stove side view close-up

Describing all its facets and nooks and crannies and embellishments would require more words than we have here to spare, but of particular note are its dual outlet apertures—the twin rows of holes North of the firebox that are separated by another twin set of horizontal gold banding. These are more than an aesthetic indulgence, as they improve heating by distributing warmth more evenly. They also happen to recall designs on Renaissance Galleons: “two rows of holes–one on top of the other–resembling the batteries of cannons on the sides of a ship.”

Corsara Stove front view True blue

Corsara is 48” tall x 36” wide. Not much space to spare for a jaw-dropping work of art that will also heat your home. Find out more at Sergio Leoni.

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