Daniel Liebeskind’s Energy-Efficient Radiator for Antrax IT

Daniel Liebeskind’s Energy-Efficient Radiator for Antrax IT

Interior designers in colder climes often have a dilemma when faced with the task of how to heat spaces. Areas that can not be piped into a central heating system generally need to have extra insulation or an expensive electric heater. Daniel Liebeskind and Antrax IT have taken this head on with the ‘Android’ radiator.


Its volume recalls Japanese origami, with its unexpected geometrical facets that appear to be made from a sheet of paper, folded and folded over again. The ensuing design consists of a dynamic sequence of angles and lines, obtained in this case from a thin 'metal page' that creates shadows and plays with light.


Yet the strength of Android does not stop in its iconic outline: the concept also focuses on sustainability issues, thanks to the use of 100% recyclable material and purpose-devised technology. Requiring very low water content and including a manufacturer patented circuit that allows for raising the temperature to desired levels, which in turn saves money on electric usage.


Available in over 200 color variations from the Antrax IT color chart, Android can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and can be accessorised with a steel towel rail, making it also perfect for use in the bathroom.


For more information, visit www.antrax.it

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